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High quality personalised professional 1:1 coaching

Coachello is the 1:1 coaching platform in Microsoft Teams.

A place where people go for personal development through high quality professional coaching.

In order to use this app. Users must have an account with “Coachello” , please contact our support team ( for more details.

In Coachello your talents can (i) take an assessment, (ii) chat with an external coach, (iii) book 1:1 coaching sessions with amazing certified coaches directly into their calendar. Coachello uses an algorithm for matching coach and coachee, is data focused and coaching reports will - at the end of each session - be made available for your talents in our application.

Coachello enables you to create a coaching culture within your company at an (international) scale and cost that has not been possible before. Oh yes, at last, we will provide you with the data showing a clear ROI.

Are you available in my country?

Coachello is available to all forward-thinking companies around the globe. Coachello’s headquarter is based in Paris, France.

How does it work?

Our clients will grant permission to all or a selection of users within their organization. These users can use their single sign-on (SSO) to access the application and its functionalities. If a user doesn't need permission from its organization to download the application they can do so but they can't book coaching sessions until Coachello has granted them credits to book sessions.

This app is available in French.

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