Lexion for Word

izdevējs Lexion

Seamlessly redline, version, and collaborate on contracts without leaving Word.

Lexion is an award winning contract management system that helps legal teams accelerate the contracting process with automation, collaboration, and task management.

Lexion's Word plugin extends its contract management platform from the web browser, directly into Word, making redlining, versioning, and collaboration seamless. Once installed, you can simply click to edit and save files between Word and Lexion, and Lexion will automatically take care of tracking new versions, alerting team members, and capturing an activity log of all changes.

Visit to learn more about our award winning contract management system, and how we can accelerate your contracting process.

Using the Lexion for Word Plugin requires a paid active Lexion subscription.

Programmu iespējas

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  • Tā var lasīt dokumentu un veikt tajā izmaiņas.
  • Tā var nosūtīt datus, izmantojot interneta savienojumu.