FormScore inspires you to track and manage your wellbeing.

This application is available only in English.

How are you today?

No matter how we feel, we can all take steps to positively influence our mental health and the mental health of others around us. Take a moment to reflect on the questions below and how you are feeling today. How is your Form today?


FormScore was designed as a simple way to measure your mental well-being. It’s a way to track your moods and be open about how you’re feeling on a scale we can all understand.

10 – Lifetime peak form

9 – Exceptional form

8 – Very good form

7 – Good form

6 – Average form

5 – Low form

4 – Very low form

3 – Extremely low form

2 – Struggling, seek help

1 – Crisis, seek help now

The FormScore Questions

When thinking about your FormScore, we encourage you to consider the following questions:

How motivated do I feel?

What are my energy levels like?

Have I slept well recently?

Have I exercised well lately?

How has my nutrition been recently?

How purposeful do I feel?

How connected to friends and family am I?

How well am I balancing stress with recovery?

How relaxed about my finances am I?

How is my physical health affecting my wellness?

These questions are the basis of the ‘Drivers’ of Form - as well as recording your score out of 10, you can record which ‘Drivers’ boost or lower your Form. Regularly recording your score will help you understand what drives your Form, which will help you become intentional about managing your Form.

Discover better Form

We use your FormScore and the Drivers of Form to provide you with personalised and dynamic content, tips, articles and products, to help you boost or maintain your Form. Saving the cards will create your very own well-being toolkit!

Checking in with your team

FormScore can also be used to check in with your team and see how they are doing. We can create different work groups (for example locations, departments, and cost centres) within the FormScore platform so you monitor your immediate team, your department or your whole organisation. Please contact us if you want to create multiple staff groups/teams - as we can set these up for you. We can also provide detailed analytics to you if you get in touch.

What about your personal data?

We never ever share your data with your employer. We will not ever share or sell your data. We anonymise individual FormScores and aggregate these to provide insights to employers - if you give us your permission to do so.

Are you ready to start your FormScore journey? If so, read on for next steps:

1. Complete the purchase of your subscription for the Microsoft Teams

2. Email us at and we will send you a form to gather some additional information to get your subscription up and running.

If you need any help, please mail us at and we would be delighted to help!!

So………How are you today?

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