Autenti e-signature for Sharepoint

izdevējs Autenti sp. z o.o.

Autenti is a platform for document authorization and signing contracts on the Internet.

Accelerate your business with a single click thanks to Autenti’s integration with SharePoint

Autenti is a platform for document authorisation and signing contracts on the Internet. Autenti allows you to accept any document content and to get electronic signatures from many people in a convenient and secure way.

Thanks to Autenti’s integration with SharePoint, you can send documents that need signing with just a single click – and all this without leaving the Microsoft SharePoint application.

How does it work?

Documents sent by Autenti are immediately available for signing by the chosen recipients. You can get signatures from them at the same time. The addressee receives a secure link to the document on the Autenti platform by email. Waiting for couriers, trips to the post office and looking for lost parcels is a thing of the past.

eIDAS-compliant qualified signatures

Autenti enables qualified signatures. By law, it is equivalent to a handwritten signature. It ensures that the written form required for, among others, employment agreements, copyright transfer agreements and exclusive licence agreements is maintained.

Privacy and data protection

We built the Autenti platform with the GDPR requirements in mind. Only the addressees you have appointed have access to the documents. All documents are stored in an encrypted archive in European data centres so your recipients’ data are not transferred outside the European Economic Area.

Key functionalities

  • Send documents for signing directly from the SharePoint application

  • Send up to 5 documents for signing per month free of charge

  • Track the status of your documents in real time

  • Send documents with a single click

  • Use any electronic signature, including qualified signatures

  • Specify the signing order of documents

  • Manage roles – users can sign, initial or evaluate documents (available in paid plans)

How can I start?

• Install the application

• On the Settings tab, connect the application with Autenti by logging into your Autenti account

• If you do not have an Autenti account, create one at

App features:

• You can go to Autenti and create new documents to sign

• You can go to Autenti to see the documents that have been sent to you and sign them