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Hire the best talent using this Applicant Tracking System: collaborative recruitment made easy.

Collaborative recruitment made easy!

CoRecruit offers all functionalities of a high-end Applicant Tracking System combined with the cooperative features of Microsoft Teams.

CoRecruit enables you to use your colleagues' expertise to empower your company to hire the best talent for your jobs. Whether managing candidates for a single job or many, using CoRecruit you can quickly create and post vacancies online and source, receive, screen, interview, and evaluate candidates in a few clicks or through drag-and-drop.

CoRecruit helps your company to hire the right new colleague by:

  • Optimizing your company's involvement in recruitment.

    You can easily invite anyone you want to involve in your recruitment processes to attribute instantly, even when they are working remotely, in different time zones, in various offices, or even from home.

  • Using high-end recruitment software with a minimal learning curve.

    CoRecruit combines the capabilities of a modern Applicant Tracking System with the collaboration features of Microsoft Teams. Even novice ATS users can contribute to all facets of the recruitment process effectively due to CoRecruit's easy-to-use user interface.

  • Streamlining and keeping track of your recruitment processes.

    CoRecruit offers pre-defined recruitment workflows and communication formats to schedule and prepare job interviews, evaluate candidates, and receive feedback enabled by Kanban boards. Simply drag-and-drop a candidate to the status you want, and they proceed through the recruitment processes.

  • Install CoRecruit for free now!

    Install the CoRecruit Demo Version in Microsoft Teams for free. We filled it with dummy data of candidates and jobs so you can explore the capabilities of CoRecruit for free for seven days.

    If the CoRecruit app fits your needs: subscribe for the Paid CoRecruit Version!

    The Paid CoRecruit Version provides your company with a dedicated Applicant Tracking System within Microsoft Teams.

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