Hashtag Feeder

izdevējs QSC AG.

The QSC AG App displays all posts which are tagged with a selectable #Hashtag.

The QSC AG “Hashtag Feeder” App provides the presentation of newsfeed posts which are tagged with a selectable Hashtag (#). The App not only aggregates posts from farm-wide newsfeeds, it also provides an automated message for published blog posts. Therefore blog posts only need to be tagged with the relevant Hashtag. The App Look will be adapted to the current website theme and integrates perfectly in SharePoint. Furthermore, Lync integration is given, which allows to display presence and visit card of an employee. With only few clicks the App can be integrated into any of your pages and generates an additional value for your employees to filter particular information.

New in Release

- Support for disabled employees in Active Directory or removed People from User Profile

- visual customizations on the help page