Thrive Global

izdevējs Thrive Global Holdings Inc.

Thrive is a behavior change coach built into Microsoft Teams to help you improve overall well-being.

Thrive for Microsoft Teams puts behavior change solutions at your fingertips. We embed well-being directly in the daily workflow to meet your people where they are with real-time stress-reducing tools, inspirational storytelling, and science-backed Microsteps that help them build better habits.

Great conversations start with great questions

Employees are prompted to take a Pulse Check at the start of their workday, which provides a daily question across key areas of burnout delivered through the Thrive for Teams chat experience. Based on how they’re feeling, Thrive delivers personalized content recommendations, including Thrive Microsteps, modules from Thrive Learn courses, 60-second Thrive Reset videos which help them destress in real-time and Thrive Challenges to help them make progress on their well-being journey.

Behavior change drives culture change

Once users start a daily conversation with Thrive in Teams, they keep coming back for more, and the results are measurable:

- 71% of Thrive for Teams users engage weekly.

- 24% of Thrive users who engage with Teams are more likely to report better burnout and stress scores.

- 20% more likely to report higher Resilience scores.

- 14% more likely to report higher Engagement and Satisfaction scores.

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