Actio Prorrata for Business Central


Application to calculate the pro rata of VAT

In their economic activity, taxpayers carry out operations that may or may not generate the right to deduction. The fees supported in these activities are only non-deductible in a certain proportion.

In order to make it easier for companies to calculate in a simple way, we have developed the VAT prorrata application for 365 Business Central designed so that it can be applied both for the pro-rata rule, as well as for non-deductible fees in full, with the great advantage that it is calculated and recorded automatically, saving time and possible errors if it is done manually.

The system, by itself, calculates and adjusts the percentage of definitive pro-rata, being able to account for pro-rata on the same expense of the invoice or on a specific expense account. The cost of the pro-rata is passed on to the cost of the product or of the fixed asset and if you have the SII of ACTIO, the correct quota and deductible quota data are sent.

  • Configuration of VAT rates without deductibles, accounting and VAT registration groups: The system allows to differentiate the types of pro rata that exist in the company depending on the activity of the company and can define the operation of the pro rata.
  • It is reflected in your invoices and purchase credits automatically: It has a new page that allows you to define the VAT declaration excluding the pro rata movements from the total VAT calculation.
  • Prepare VAT returns and regularize the non-deductible VAT: The pro rata is counted on invoices and purchase credits automatically, so the user must not take any additional steps.
  • Calculation of the final pro rata: The application allows you to calculate the percentage of non-deductible VAT applicable in an exercise.
This application is available only in Spanish. It will be in English soon.