Armorblox Email Protection


API-based email security platform that protects Office 365 and Exchange users from targeted attacks.

Armorblox is an API-based cloud office security platform that helps your organization communicate more securely over email and other productivity applications. Powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Armorblox protects Office 365 and Exchange customers from targeted phishing attacks and sensitive data loss over email. 

Armorblox capabilities:

  • Protect against targeted email scams such as spear phishing, business email compromise (BEC), payroll fraud, impersonation, vendor invoice fraud, and other payloadless attacks. 
  • Protect against email account compromise (EAC). Armorblox detects 0-day credential phishing attempts and a host of anomalous signals that portend EAC - unusual mail forwarding rules, impossible travel, mail deletion rules, etc. User accounts that have potentially been compromised can be locked remotely to contain risk.
  • Stop zero-day credential phishing attacks (e.g. fake Office 365 login pages). Armorblox detects fake login pages using computer vision techniques, scans email bodies and attachments for suspicious URLs, and decodes URLs rewritten by other security solutions to follow them to their final destination.  
  • Automate phishing mailbox remediation to reduce response times for user-reported email threats by over 90%. Armorblox analyzes every email reported to a customer’s phishing mailbox, automatically remediates emails across user mailboxes, and learns from security team actions to get better with time.
  • Measure data loss exposure by detecting sensitive PII (like SSNs, tax numbers), PCI (like bank account, routing numbers) and unencrypted passwords shared over email.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box policies that automatically classify attacks and data loss violations, eliminating the need for custom policy creation and maintenance.