Tap My Back - Team Recognition and 360º Feedback

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Tap My Back is an employee recognition app/software for team leaders to improve employee engagement

Tap My Back is a complete employee feedback software that aims to fully engage all employees and build smarter leaders through a culture of real-time feedback.

We aim to be simple, easy, personal and empowering on all levels by promoting a flat organizational culture.

We strive to build the growth culture of tomorrow today. We want to facilitate feedback culture and proactive learning by providing tools for personal development on all levels.

Even though recognition and feedback are the foundations of employee engagement both lose their effect when given out-of-context. That's why they should be always one tap away, whenever and wherever you are.

Improve employee engagement on the go with the new app version of Tap My Back, which includes:

  • Real-time Peer-to-peer Recognition
  • Public News Feed with Social Recognition and Feedback
  • Reinforce Behaviors with Recognition Badges
  • Linking Recognition to Rewards
  • Unlimited Teams and Users
  • Private Feedback Hub
  • Give Proactive Real-Time Feedback
  • Support continuous development with unlimited Skill Badges
  • Send Feedback Requests at the right timing
  • Create Self Reviews
  • Have peer-to-peer check-in conversations
  • Create Pulse Surveys for your business issues
  • Adjust our Pulse Survey templates to your organization
  • Give a Score to each pulse survey that you build
  • Push notifications and email notifications
  • Insights & analytics on individual and team behaviors
  • Advanced-Data Reporting on Recognition Activity, Feedback Hub, and Pulse Surveys
  • Custome Reports
  • Exportable Data
  • Track your performance and your data on your profile about Recognition, Skills development, and Mood
  • Include your Branding

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