Agile Teamwork Management: Get Work Done Faster With One Tool

Looking for the perfect workflow?

WorkRooms® is the Collaboration tool combining the world of Project & File Management with a full-fledged enterprise cloud storage including review & approval. Manage your team and projects efficient and easily. Build your workflow and track everything in one software. Bring your team and assets together – create awesome content such as presentations, documents, pictures, videos or even audio through better communication, review and approval.
  • Enable Collaboration: Transparency & Documented Work Overview
  • Secure Cloud Storage: Syncing and backup included
  • Streamline Work: Processes, Kanban-Board and Workflows
  • Organize myself & Team: On time and on budget
  • Better Feedback & Review: Faster and documented Approval

Organize yourself, your team and entire projects in one tool

Create and assign tasks Set deadlines, attach files, add comments or set various stages for tasks to ensure streamlined collaboration and highest efficiency. Task Board Build the perfect Workflow for your usecase/business. Create an unlimited amount of lanes for your or your team’s tasks. Each lane can be name individually. Stay up to date everywhere All changes to tasks, lanes, files, comments, descriptions and assignments are made in real time and visible to your team in the moment of editing.

We love files, working on and with files

File Preview Workrooms supports all common and professional files formats there are. Regardless if document, picture, video or audio. Visual Collaboration Set an unlimited amount of intuitive visual markers, annotations, comments or tags on files easily. File Comparison Compare versions of all file types on one screen to compare old and new version in order to see what changed.

Secure Cloud—GDPR Compliance

  • 100% GDPR Compliant: Collaboration in the cloud for professional teams. All connections and transmissions make use of secure protocols.
  • Made & Operated in Austria: All our servers are located within the European Union. Fruther, we are entitled to uphold highest security standards.
  • Your Rights: In accordance with GDPR you have the right to request all information connected with your account, deletion or transfer of data.