Cognisess Pro

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Predictive Analytics Platform for People

Better understand the performance potential of your most expensive resource: your people. Cognisess Pro is an enterprise level SaaS platform for the HR Analytics market. It is designed to collect, assess and analyse the end-to-end spectrum of recruitment & workforce data across recruitment, employee performance and organisational design. Delivering over 50 assessments and gaming tools covering 100+ attributes, Cognisess Pro objectively assesses candidates and employees performance potential whilst also automating and standardising several key HR functions to significantly reduce the time, costs and resources attributed to traditional recruitment and assessment processes. Provides real-time, data-driven insights into what ‘good performance’ looks like to ensure you hire the best fit candidates for your company whilst also managing employee churn, motivation and productivity. Cognisess Pro is powered by Deep Learn, our predictive analytics engine, using AI and Machine Learning to go deeper inside your workforce data. With insights and analysis to help you make highly informed, objective decisions - you can capitalise on the performance and potential of your current and future talent pool.