Shopizer - SurPaaS OpenSaaS

Corent Technology Inc.

Shopizer is an open source sales management software. Shopizer is transformmed into SaaS application

Shopizer is a B2B application that helps you to create online stores, marketplaces, product listings and much more using its secure, fast and reliable e-commerce engine.

Shopizer provides e-commerce functionalities such as:

  • Product catalogue
  • Shopping cart
  • Order fulfillment
  • Content management
  • Payment management
  • Shipping management

For Webstore Hosting:

Shopizer can be used directly to set up your webstore. User guide provided in this section can help you to configure email contents, billing setting and much more.

Shopizer is transformed into a SaaS application by SurPaaS Marketizer platform. SurPaaS Marketizer ensures that your subscribed application will be running in a secured and optimal infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.