Fero - Explainable Machine Learning Software Suite

Fero Labs

Industrial process and profit optimization software powered by explainable machine learning.

Fero is the only software suite purpose-built for tackling industrial process optimization challenges using explainable machine learning. Fero is built from the ground-up for the requirements of the industrial sector. Rooted in DARPA research initiatives, with explainable ML technology developed by Fero's award-winning data science team, Fero software is ideally suited for root cause exploration and robust KPI optimization.

Deployed use cases across the industry include:

  • Process yield optimization
  • Product quality improvement
  • Plant emission reduction
  • Decreased raw material usage
  • Scrap rate elimination
  • Asset health optimization

The insights discovered by the ML software are communicated with confidence intervals to build trust amongst plant experts, which encourages the integration of Fero into their daily workflows.

The software is intended to be used by subject matter experts at the plant level. This is achieved through the automation of the data processing and ML model training steps and the delivery of actionable insights via a user-friendly interface. Once deployed, the user can access web-based dashboards across devices to make mission-critical decisions. If a use case is deemed particularly beneficial, the software can be deployed to additional sites and processes within weeks.

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