IDU Sales Planning and Reporting

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Increased accuracy, ownership and accountability in the Sales Planning Process with IDU

Are you still preparing your sales budgets centrally? Time to change!

IDU harnesses the knowledge and expertise of teams on the ground to make your sales budgeting more accurate and efficient--and increase ownership and buy-in.

Our online, easy-to-use performance management tool allows users to capture sales budgets at a customer and product level, with real-time aggregation and management.

Build ownership of the budget by enabling users to comment on and analyse variances between planned and actual sales outcomes. The Reporting module is a two-way interface between the budget and sales ledger systems, allowing for real-time interaction with sales data. Daily, weekly and monthly sales information can be communicated directly to managers via the web.

Key Features of the IDU Sales Planning and Reporting Module

  • Shave weeks or months off your budget cycle
  • Budget by customer and product with a seamless link to the financials
  • Drive multiple component calculations from a single input
  • Enable component-based complex calculations
  • Enable flow-through calculations
  • Empower sales teams to take ownership of their budgets
  • Analyse budgets in real time, by multiple structures
  • Create sales budgets and sales targets simultaneously
  • Input budgets top-down or bottom-up
  • Include the setup of BOMs to generate production volumes and costs based on the revenue projections
  • Sales staff can view, analyse, comment on and react to actual versus budget variances
  • Conduct interactive reviews with employees and customers
  • Analyse variances by multiple structures
  • Compare actual vs budget in units and in values
  • Layout profiles allow onscreen analysis of variances by price and volume

IDU interfaces seamlessly with your existing ERP solution resolving many of the problems inherent in spreadsheet-based planning. You can choose to deploy IDU-Concept on-premise, in a private cloud of your choice or in our Microsoft Azure-based cloud - all offer exactly the same functionality.