Intelligent Cold Chain Logistics Monitoring

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IoT Solution to track and monitor Cold Chain perishables in-transit via multi modal transport

Transportation of perishable goods in inherently challenging and un-predictable especially via multi-modal transport. To help you handle these challenges, iNNTACT offers an end-to-end IoT based solution that enables you to track and monitor millions of shipment across geographies , via multi-modal transport with the aim of delivering perishable commodities safely and successfully. The solution is ideal for monitoring transportation of high-valued fruits & vegetables, seafood & meat, dairy , processed and read-to-eat food’ etc but it can also be tailored for biopharma, chemicals and other temperature-sensitive commodities.

The out-of-the-box IoT solution comes with multi-tenant software applications(admin web portal and driver mobile app), Swagger-documented REST APIs hosted as micro-services, asset tracking hardware, situation-based-recommendations and analytics which provides an ecosystem to modernize your cold chain services.

Our asset trackers are configurable , airline-certified and come in various SKUs to cater to different commodities and varied monitoring needs viz. Re-usable as well as Disposable devices, Bluetooth sensor tags, handling of temp, humidity, pressure, light, shock, tilt as part of the standard offering. An advanced device offering can include CO2 sensors, Ethylene sensors and additional hardware capabilities.

The solution comes with optional Telematics services(hardware and platform) which can help in monitoring and reporting key parameters for your cold chain fleet management.

Some of the key features of iNNTACT include :

  • purpose built sensors for temp, humidity, pressure, shock, light, ethylene, CO2 monitoring
  • real-time notifications on a live map
  • shipments timeline for viewing all alerts and details of your commodities in-transit
  • Configurable Rules engine
  • Interfaces for Tracking devices
  • Shipment lifecycle management
  • Interfaces for Event
  • On-demand location tracking and condition monitoring
  • Trip level Analytics with reports for shipment performance, and a Dashboard representing historical data via trends and heat-maps, driver performance score.
  • A recommendation engine which gives insights into sensor placements, alerts correlations, reefer profiling, shelf life reduction and key data patterns

Apart from providing the solution as-is, we provide integration services with your own (existing)devices and integrate iNNTACT with your current ERP , 3rd party applications, other map services, as additional service offerings that can be tailor made to meet your business requirements.