Shobdo – Speech Keyword Spotting AI

Intelligent Machines Limited

Shobdo is an AI solution that provides brands with actionable insights from audio data

Shobdo is a speech keyword spotting solution that provides brands with actionable insights by recognizing specific words & key phrases from audio recordings (e.g.: sales rep-customer conversation, call center recording, specific set of instructions, or any important business conversation) through machine learning models. 

How it works

  • Identify key phrases or keywords that you want to recognize. For example: brand names, position statements, value propositions, etc.

  • Record and collect audio clips consisting of those elements

  • Annotate audio clips to identify the particular elements & feed the annotated data to machine learning models

  • Train, build, and optimize machine learning models to recognize selected keywords and key phrases

  • AI models will recognize the keywords and key phrases in live market communications

  • Analytics models will generate use-case specific, actionable insights from the data

Use cases

  • FMCG brands can measure and optimize efficiency of communication by sales reps to retailers and customers

  • Organizations with large call center operations can get insights on customer complaints and queries, and ensure a positive customer experience recognizing right set of keywords 

  • Banks can implement this solution to understand verbal customer queries and request and provide automated services/information based on the requirements

  • Keyword assisted automated operations of home-appliances