Power BI solution for Azure IoT Central V3


Build a powerful Power BI dashboard using your IoT data from Azure IoT Central.

Please note: this solution uses legacy data export in IoT Central. Please see the documentation for this solution.
Create a powerful Power BI dashboard to monitor the performance of your IoT devices in your Azure IoT Central V3 application. In a few clicks, you can set up an end-to-end solution that pulls exported telemetry, devices, and device templates data in your Azure Blob storage and creates a Power BI dashboard that you can use to:
  • Track how much data your devices are sending over time
  • Compare data volume between different telemetry streams
  • Filter down to data sent from specific devices
  • View the most recent telemetry data in a table
The Power BI Solution for Azure IoT Central creates the data pipeline in your Azure subscription that brings data from your Azure Blob storage through to Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory, and Azure SQL Database which connects to your Power BI desktop file.