Development Project: Marketing, Sales, and Service


Digitalization sets the rules for the game in the market.

Most customers decide which product to purchase and where even before speaking to a salesperson. Therefore, to attract, engage and delight customers companies must successfully influence the prospects’ decisionmaking process (Hubspot, 2019). 
Digital transformation allows companies to create new digital products and services, speed up communication, add value and do customer jobs better (concept: jobs to be done). 
Forecasting and end-to-end predictive analytics based on data enable companies to get a glimpse of the future. One needs analytics and digital processes to improve decision making and answer a very important question: “What should I do now to get what I want in the future?”

At every customer lifecycle stage, from the first contact to product purchase and word-of-mouth advertising, every person communicates and interacts with Your company in various ways. And 90% of the customer experience is generated by Marketing, Sales, and Service. Successful companies make this process seamless, personalized, and comfortable for the client yet profitable for themselves. 
They process high volumes of data, maintain a customer-centric organizational structure, implement cross-cutting automation, use predictive and prescriptive analytics, and base their decisions and actions on data. 
Every company needs a vision of the desired outcome after the Digital transformation is complete. That vision is unsustainable without Digital products and Marketing, Sales, and Service digital model development. 
Development Project offers companies a tailored to their needs Marketing, Sales and Service digital transformation strategy, including: 
- customer-centric digital products and services development;
- marketing enablement: seamless personalized communication with clients and influencing their decision making;
- sales enablement: enhanced performance and quicker transactions;
- service enablement: upgraded customer experience and brand reinforcement.

This application is available in [English, Russian]