Deliver operational efficiency and revolutionize and accelerate business value

We provide data management outcomes for smart utilities and cities around the globe, while delivering mission-criticla data to support applications for meter-to-cash and beyond-all througfh an enterprisewide, high scalable MDM solution. By delivering secure, accurate and reliable data to a wide array of your utility billing and analysis systems, IEE MDM can help you: 1. Extend data for growth 2. Utilitze AMI data to extend and expand value to innovative applications such as distributed intelligence and smart city applications 3. Serve as a system of record 4. Centralize data collection and distribution functions into a single repository from which high quality data can be used to drive business operations and analytic outcomes. 5. Deliver high-quality data 6. Robust validation, estomation, and editing (VEE) for interval and register data of energy and water meters. Designed to meet the highest data quality standards, suppling billing determinants and support nobilling scenarios through Itron Eyva, we are unveling the next evolution of data management. By adding new features and functionality to our leading MDM system-to ultimately enchance and improve your experience-and providing quality data and analysis capabilities at the edge of your network, you can now understand the dynamics and interactions of your endpoints, network and customers. With near real-time data streaming and easy access to tools that provide you with insight into your operations, you are better equipped to evolve your business-opening up entirely new revenue streams along with the ability to leverage data management for the industrial Internet of things.