LTI Mosaic AIOps

LTI (L&T Infotech)

AI-Led Enterprise IT Operations

LTI’s Mosaic AIOps uses contextual AI with asset telemetry information to present a holistic view of the IT Estate & spot issues in real-time, which helps in providing better quality support and efficient planning in IT operations activities.

Mosaic AIOps platform from LTI’s Mosaic ecosystem enables Enterprise IT transformation through adoption of AI-led IT Operations. This includes enhanced asset monitoring, automated situation detection & remediation, smarter service desk activities and collaborative support practices. It provides an end-to-end platform to capture asset telemetry data through integrations with monitoring tools. It then applies its Cognitive Engines to analyze this data to surface only the important events, thus reducing alert noise. Mosaic AIOps provides real-time assistance to resolve an incoming ticket by recommending appropriate SoPs and linking automation to it. It is also used by support engineers for collaboration to track and resolve performance issues on monitored assets.

Benefits of AIOPS

  • Implement service-centric approach for IT monitoring
  • Reduce operational complexity through Cognitive Engines
  • Reduce time spent on repeatable tasks through automation
  • Remediate service outages quickly through recommendations
  • Improve alerting and resolution processes
  • Improve user experience through predictive ITOPS