LTI Mosaic Agnitio

LTI (L&T Infotech)

Intelligent Document Data Extraction Platform to uncover insights from unstructured data

LTI Mosaic Agnitio is a versatile and intelligent document processing platform, which offers completely no-code approach and believes in giving the power of AI in the hands of business users.

LTI Mosaic Agnitio is built on in-house developed ‘Cognitive Information Mining Framework’ which leverages deep learning and machine learning to extract data and mine knowledge from documents and images.

LTI Mosaic Agnitio enables a new way to deal with the complex unstructured documents with varying formats and layouts by offering pre-build deep learning and AI models required for unstructured data processing. It offers integration with best of the breed OCRs for text conversion, the hybrid integrations with native cognitive services and cloud cognitive services, it also offers completely automated document processing capabilities, intuitive human-in-the-loop interfaces and continuous learning through AI, moreover it provides data extraction solution APIs which can be leveraged by other systems for process automation and other consumptions. LTI Mosaic Agnitio unlocks the value of hidden data in true sense by overcoming the challenges of template driven approach of data extraction from documents.

Why to use LTI Mosaic Agnitio?

Enable Intelligent Business Process Automation:

Agnitio can help automate your ‘document heavy’ business processes in a breeze. With the fundamental of ‘Impart Skills -Consume Insights’ – you can empower your business users to impart their skills to machine and to provide feedback as the process continues, to gather automated insights with highest accuracy. Ensure enterprise-wide scalability of Data Extraction solutions with the power of robust AI management backbone which can manage models training, retraining, versioning, ensemble of model execution at scale. Out-of-box APIs and Continuous document batch integrations make it really easy to build solutions with RPA/BPA technologies.

Build Enterprise Knowledge Consumption Platforms:

Agnitio can help uncover insights from unstructured documents by breaking them into sections creating knowledge nuggets and associating them with entities, relationships, sentiments, topics, intent and summary. By integrating any of your conversational interfaces, enterprise catalog, or content management systems with Agnitio, you can empower your business users with ready to consume knowledge from hidden data in documents.