Planning, Consolidation For Dynamics by Acterys

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Analytics, Reporting and Planning for Dynamics in Power BI & Excel

Acterys is an integrated platform for Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) built for Dynamics, Power BI and Excel.

  • Profit from powerful financial reporting and forecasting templates (Legal Consolidation, CAPEX, Cash Flow, Risk/ Compliance, HR among others) and a two way integration (read & write) with Power BI & Excel.
  • The Acterys Power BI Sync Power BI External Tool enables users to plan-enable any Power BI data set or Dataflow with a few clicks or synchronize it with their relational data warehouse.
  • Currently 8 Power BI custom visuals -listed on AppSource- add unparalleled write-back, planning, and financial reporting capabilities to any edition of Power BI and Excel with the Acterys write-back and modelling Add-on.