SMART Commuter Foundation

Mint Management Technologies

The foundation solution for SMART Commuter

As Digital transformation is vital for cities, it is difficult to navigate through the digital roadmap. Mint understands the challenges when embarking on this journey and have established a modern data platform to answer these challenges. We have assembled the required Cloud infrastructure, Services, Apps and Support to take the guesswork out of this important yet necessary journey. Identity allows organisation to manage identities seamlessly between the DIGITAL and PHYSICAL worlds. The solution integration into Azure AAD B2C Platform for scale and security. Payment an add-on to the Identity solution where the requirement exists to link a mobile wallet to an identify to allow seamless transactions between parties that both have a enabled wallet or where a banking relationship exists. SMART Journey Planner Ensures that routes are optimised for both the commuter and service provider. SMART Operations seamlessly manage identities across the digital and physical worlds. The solution integrates into Azure AAD B2C platform for scale and security. SMART Transport Insights leverages the data from all interactions and points of engagement to provide insights for optimisation