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A simple Microsoft Teams app that enables selective control over team creation and credentials

CreateTeam is a Teams application that automates the creation of Teams in Microsoft Teams.
CreateTeam also delivers vital control and governance whilst retaining the self-service workflow.

Organisations using Microsoft Teams will be aware of the vast collaboration benefits; however, managing this environment can be difficult when there are adoption, governance, and compliance considerations across disparate teams.

Whether it’s due to a lack of internal technical resource or cultural challenges, organisations can experience problems with sprawl, data containment, and efficient functionality of the Teams environment as users are adopting the technology.

CreateTeam addresses these challenges by defining how individual teams are created and who can create them. Delivered via a simple app contained within Microsoft Teams, it helps users manage the entire lifecycle of teams to ensure best practice, adoption, and optimum governance and security. This automated approach is powered by Microsoft Graph API and Azure AD for a complete Microsoft environment.

• Promotes security - having too many teams can result in data sprawl. CreateTeam helps ensure that sensitive data remains in just one team whilst controlling guest access for GDPR compliance.
• Allows flexibility - organisations can build team templates to suit individual users based on their job role including security and visibility settings, or multiple channels with associated tabs, apps, and files.
• A strategic investment - CreateTeam reduces demands on IT support by managing and automating team creation, so they can focus less on governance and more on strategic projects.
• Aids user adoption - accessible from a simple button pinned to the Microsoft Teams dashboard, CreateTeam is simple to use and navigate to encourage user adoption. Email traffic is also reduced, as the creation of multiple and often unused teams is controlled.
• Enhances collaboration - by removing duplication of teams within an organisation, CreateTeam eliminates disparate and segregated working as users are encouraged to collaborate and communicate in one team.