Modern Charts

Mzamose Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Lejupielādēt bezmaksas pievienojumprogrammas ar pilnām iespējām, kad iegūstat Modern Charts:

Create professional and informative slides and charts in seconds!

Modern Charts is a visualization tool that empowers people to create professional and effective visualizations for reports, presentations and even dashboards, in less than 5 minutes. Modern Charts achieves this by letting users include descriptive analytics and icons on well design and professional looking charts!

Modern Charts can be used by:
  1. Internal MIS teams for business performance reports (e.g. best forming teams/products with team leaders/products images on chart)
  2. Management and Compliance Consultants (e.g. identified wastes on products with products logos on chart)
  3. Executive Management (e.g. presentation of goals/targets to staff)
  4. Educators and Lectures (e.g. illustrative charts showing mathematical concepts such as difference between Mean, Median and Standard Deviations)
  5. Media Teams (e.g. charts of articles with countries flags/company logos as part of charts)

Key Benefits:
  1. 1. Easy-to-understand and professional visualizations in seconds;
  2. 2. Comprehensive charts and icons library;
  3. 3. Add your own images in a single click;
  4. 4. No design and/or advanced Office 365 skills required.

 Key Features: 
  1. Professional designed charts;
  2. A comprehensive infographic icons library; 
  3. Upload of unique images under "My Icons";
  4. Descriptive analytics (Sum, Average, Median, Standard Deviation); 
  5. HEX color input option; 
  6. Transpose data on chart; and 
  7. Add Narration and data source for correct interpretation; 

Chart Types:
  1. Column Type: Columns, Rounded-Column, Arrow-Up, Column-Gauge, Battery-Columns, Buildings, Pencil, Bricks, etc;
  2. Bar Type: Bars, Bar-Gauge, Battery-Bars, Pills, Arrow-Right, etc;
  3. Line Type: Lines, Step-Line, Area, Step-Area, etc;
  4. Pie Type: Pies, Doughnuts, Radial-Bar, Flywheel, Onions, etc;
  5. Stacked Type: Stacked-Bars, Stacked-Columns, Mekko, etc;

Icons Library:
Education, Countries, Productivity, Health, Industrial, Manufacturing, Construction, Sports, Farming, Environmental, Food, Social Media, Technology, Real Estate, etc.

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