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Reimagine Online Education & Training with an Industry Tested Platform

Did you know 74% of the global workforce is ready to re-train and learn new skills?

Are you prepared to deliver a transformational social learning experience? With OpenCreds, unique authoring tools, and engaging interactions, OpenLearning is an end-to-end SaaS solution built for education and training providers to design and deliver effective online social learning, employee onboarding, and workplace training. A next-generation lifelong learning platform that enables training providers to deliver effective, enjoyable, and transformative courses on a global scale.

Drive Better Learning Outcomes with OpenCreds

Around the world, education providers are spending time and money to buy, build, and integrate multiple systems; money that could be better spent on improving the quality of their courses and degrees. With OpenCreds – a framework designed to enable lifelong learning through a quality-assured micro-credentialing framework - you can focus on designing transformational, interactive experiences that improve your learner outcomes, reduce delivery costs, and increase engagement. The platform will provide you everything you need to design, deliver, and sell your online courses.

  • Widgets: access 30+ authoring tools to create and design engaging learning activities
  • OpenCreds: localised micro-credentialing framework for life-long learning
  • Marketing: showcase your courses and attract learners from around the world

18x Higher Engagement with Social Learning

OpenLearning enables all aspects of delivering an online learning experience. As an organisation, staff are supported by an innovative toolset throughout the process of authoring, facilitating, assessing, and evaluating the courses created by you or our world-class educators. The platform provides a complete environment that fuses content and community with online collaboration and real-world tasks. Add to this the ability to collect payments, issue credentials, and access to our global marketplace, and you can guarantee there is an end-to-end solution to fit your needs.

Reach your Global Market

With the power of Microsoft Azure, the OpenLearning platform allows authoring and analytics tools, learning design expertise, and a repository of more than 8,000 world-class courses to over 2.5 million learners across 180 countries.

"A very powerful tool that is straightforward and easy to use. In 2-3 weeks, I turned my training content into an interactive online course. I did not expect to gain over 2000 learners in less than 1 month after launching the course.” Norizan Sharif, CEO, Enescorp International Sdn Bhd