OpenText Extended ECM Platform


Integrates enterprise content management and lead applications for more effective business processes

Virtually every part of every business is powered by processes. As the amount of digital information continues to explode, old content management methods become obsolete, slowing productivity, impeding decision-making, creating compliance workarounds and increasing risk. Enterprise content management (ECM) was the first solution to this data problem. Extended ECM is the next evolution of ECM, injecting valuable content insights when and where they are needed most, inside business processes. The OpenText Extended ECM Platform offers organizations a method to transparently integrate OpenText™ Content Suite Platform with their lead applications, allowing for seamless information flow across the enterprise. Available in out-of-the-box solutions for leading business applications, such as SAP®, Oracle® E-Business Suite, Salesforce® and Microsoft® Office 365®, it also comes with the tools and APIs needed to create custom integrations to just about any lead system. The Extended ECM Platform enables an organization's digital future by laying a strong foundation for intelligent and connected content to allow for smarter business processes, automation, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. It improves process productivity by integrating powerful content services capabilities with lead applications to connect content repositories and enhance information flows. Users can continue to work in the business applications they know, with the right content made easily accessible without having to sift through information to get their job done.