Pratis B2B Procurement Platform


Pratis, the digital partner of your purchasing processes

Pratis provides a unique platform where more than 30 thousands of suppliers meet strong buyer companies and 3.2 billion dollars in trade is realized annually. You can carry out all from market research on the products and services you want to buy to purchase and reach the most competitive prices possible in the fastest and most effective way. Along with the creative and innovative B2B services, Pratis enables you and your suppliers create a strong and successful commercial business network with the cloud information technology. During the migration of your purchasing processes to the digital environment, you will benefit from many offerings of Pratis with its user-friendly interface and advanced features, including: • RPA and Advanced Data Analytics • Constant Data Backup • Fast and Continuous Accessibility • Maximum Cyber Security • Ease of Use • Advanced Reporting • Diversity of Suppliers with References • Purchase with Optimum Price • Strong Supplier Relationships • Budget Control • Transparent Purchasing • Standardization • ERP Integration Accessible from anywhere at any time, Pratis protects your most valuable and confidential purchasing information with maximum precision in line with its compliance with ISO standards. Evaluate Your Purchasing Performance Pratis provides an easy-to-use and flexible structure with its reporting and analysis functions where you can evaluate your purchasing processes and supplier performances. With spending and budget analysis, you can control your expenses, compare all quotations and create statistical summary tables. You can evaluate your performance with your savings on purchases. Create Customized Catalogs By carrying your long-term purchase agreements to the catalogs, you can reach the product you need faster and you can easily send your orders to the supplier. While eliminating the offer collection process specific to demand, you can easily manage your operations such as order, product update and price control on the digital environment. Pratis, the digital partner of your purchasing processes