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Create interactive and visual roadmaps that highlight interdependencies across your portfolio.

SharpCloud is visual roadmapping software to help Enterprise organizations become more agile. As an interactive data visualization platform, SharpCloud enables teams to plan, visualize and communicate strategy across business silos and transforms static roadmaps into engaging, dynamic visual stories, providing valuable insight for leadership teams to make smarter, more informed decisions.


Build visual stories that enhance roadmaps & decision making 

  • SharpCloud frees your data from gridlocked spreadsheets. Integrate data from external sources like Microsoft Excel and display it in a connected, interactive story that enhances interpretability.
  • Enjoy greater visibility by connecting story items and exploring how they interact with and impact each other.
  • Customize your story, from adding iconography and assigning colors, to filtering views and changing terminology, you can customize every element of your story to suit your needs.


Encourage teamwork

  • SharpCloud forms let collaborators suggest new story items, ideas, and feedback in real-time and from any device. These forms can be customized with various fields and you can choose which users are permitted to submit feedback.
  • Comment on any story item or relationship, @tag relevant people, and send out targeted notifications.


Let the conversation steer the presentation, zero in on important data. 
  • Move beyond static slide-decks and spreadsheets. SharpCloud automatically produces visually rich interactive presentations that keep audiences engaged. 
  • Make changes to the data as you present, or take the time to delve deeper into your story as questions arise.
  • Use advanced filters to hide or show data with a click, giving clarity to teammates and stakeholders while you present your stories.