Sprinkle Data

Sprinkledata Technology Pvt Limited

Search Driven Business Analytics

Sprinkle bring all your data together from various sources like Event Hub, Blob store, Azure table and many more external integrations like MySQL, Kafka, MongoDB, Elastic Search and many more. Connect and combine all of your data sources through our integrations into a single platform in Azure HD insight. Acquire, enrich and join data across diverse sources. Sprinkle manages timely refresh of ingested datasets, their lifecycle and configured enrichment pipelines. For large datasets Sprinkle has configurable retention policies and in-built support for snapshots and incremental data. Use Sprinkle to enrich data and define metrics. Sprinkle allows business users to define business metrics using simple point and click UI. Sprinkle Auto infer important measures and dimensions that analyst can override and augment. Sprinkle supports structured and unstructured data, complex data types like array and maps. Get high flexibility with schema on read. Using Sprinkle get actionable insights faster. Ask any question and get instant answers through search powered by Sprinkle knowledge graph. Sprinkle creates knowledge graph on top of data and uses smart caching algorithms to provide fast search driven analytics. Create powerful visualisations, dashboards and reports that get auto-refreshed and share them across your organisation.