TCS MasterCraft™ for Mainframe App Modernization

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Intelligent automation product that analyzes, strategizes and modernizes mainframe applications

TCS MasterCraft™ TransformPlus is a patented, technology-agnostic intelligent automation product for enterprise modernization. The end-to-end application modernization includes, legacy application analysis, business rules extraction and translation to target technology, data migration, application migration to cloud and modern application development through code generation.

How does TransformPlus modernize mainframe applications from current legacy state to a desired, modern state? It -
- Analyzes the application, provides 360° insights about the application components and analyzes the impact of a change to applications
- Automatically extracts application knowledge, including business rules and other structural information from the source code
- Groups various core elements of the mainframe or legacy application and creates a transformation strategy for their modernization
- Automates the conversion of legacy COBOL application code to a highly maintainable, layered and cloud-ready Java application code

With TransformPlus, the generated code for the migrated application is
- Portable and can easily integrate with new age Microservices based platform and support new processes.
- Highly agile to respond quickly to business requirements
- Easy to maintain and cost-efficient to run

1) Intelligent Assessment Workbench - Identifies code elements and enables pattern discovery and analysis, ensuring zero-spill migration for minimal delays or loss of desired functionalities
2) Central Repository - Automatically produces a repository of holistic knowledge about the application and data
3) Step-by-step Strategic Modernization – Provides seamless execution through the ‘Analyze-Strategize-Execute’ approach, eliminating rudimentary conversions and ensuring appropriate migration of individual applications.

1) Insightful Impact Analysis: Well evaluated migration impact to devise best-fit deployment approaches and preempt possible post-implementation scenarios
2) Zero-spill Migration: Tailored approaches to suit different organizational needs, address business priorities and ensure no loss of data or business process disruptions
3)Mature, Risk-mitigated Approach: Intelligent automation, backed by contextual knowledge and extensive experience to ensure  risk, cost and quality optimization
4) Accelerated Migration: Shortened remediation and migration timelines through effective preemption of needs
5) Cost-effective Solution: Automated conversion of COBOL to Java, leads to more than 50% reduction in both the cost and time of the migration