Libretta® for Outlook 365 License


Write the perfect email for each person. People are different. Speak differently.

Research shows that emails are misinterpreted 50% of the time. It's hard to persuade people in email.
Libretta® uses AI to identify what was motivating a person when they wrote an email. Then it helps you find the right words to get your message across to increase the chances that you’ll get a positive response, and checks to make sure you got it right.
Artificial Intelligence that improves your persuasive writing.
The more you use Libretta®, the better your email writing skills become.
People think differently, so Libretta® shows you how to adapt your email writing to the sender, especially in high-stakes business and personal communication.
With Libretta®, you can avoid inadvertently writing the wrong thing in your email.
Libretta® is based on the Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile®) from the bestselling book, Words That Change Minds, by Shelle Rose Charvet; translated into 15 languages. Forbes Inc. chose Words That Change Minds as a best management book for executives and entrepreneurs, and Goodreads ranked it Number One, in the Persuasion Category.
Libretta® works in Outlook365 and
Libretta® identifies the Patterns that motivate a person and the correct language to use in your response.
Here’s how it works:
1. Incoming email: Libretta® analyses an incoming email, identifies the specific Motivation Patterns of the sender and gives you suggestions for the language to use in your reply. (But it can’t tell you WHAT to say. It only shows you HOW to say it.)
2. Reply: It then evaluates your reply to the incoming email and gives you a “Fit Score”, measuring how well your answer fits the incoming email. It will also give suggestions on which words to use if needed. A Fit Score of 50% or higher is good to go.
3. New emails: Before you send a newly written email, Libretta® discovers your Motivation Patterns in this email and shows you how it may come across.
You can see for yourself what a difference it makes in the responses you’ll get.