Zimperium: Enterprise Mobile Security

Zimperium, Inc.

Zimperium provides enterprises and government organizations with the most advanced mobile security.

Today, enterprises focus their security and compliance efforts on traditional computing devices (e.g., servers, desktops and laptops), representing only 40 percent of the relevant endpoints. The remaining 60 percent of devices are mobile and are unprotected.

Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) Benefits:

  • Protects BYOD and managed mobile devices against network, device, phishing and malware attacks
  • When integrated with a UEM, such as the Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) solution, automatically remediates threats based on access policies
  • Provides visibility into the security posture of your organization’s mobile devices
  • Includes detailed forensics of the threats and risks encountered

Zimperium’s MTD Features:
  • Machine learning-based detection enables the detection of zero-day mobile exploits
  • On-device detection eliminates the delays and risks of cloud-based lookups and ensures the device is always protected, even when not connected a network
  • Strict privacy functionality with no user information sent to the cloud
  • Most integrations with leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) and universal endpoint management (UEM) solutions, and the only one that enables multiple EMM/UEMs in a single console.
  • The only MTD solution available on any cloud.
  • Advanced integrations with security information and event management (SIEM) solutions.

Zimperium’s MTD with Microsoft:
  • Integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) solution enables conditional access to Microsoft 365 applications based on Intune MAM policies.
  • Advanced Integration with Microsoft Defender ATP provides forensic level threat visibility and hunting.
  • Zimperium is the only MTD solution integrated with Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM.
  • Zimperium is the only MTD solution that is capable of running natively on Azure.