Zero Trust Launchpad: 3-Wk Assessment

Ascent Global, Inc.

Ascent's Zero Trust Launchpad provides you an action plan for accelerating your portfolio of security projects in as little as 3 weeks from kickoff.

Most companies don’t struggle with their Zero Trust vision: verify and secure every identity, validate device health, enforce least privilege, and capture and analyze telemetry to better understand and secure the digital environment. Realtime architecture adjustments often prove to be less clear. How should enterprise level firms pivot to effectively prioritize quick wins while not losing sight of longterm goals?

Ascent Solutions Zero Trust Launchpad provides the perspective and input needed to accelerate your current initiatives through a future lens. You will have an action plan for accelerating your portfolio of security projects in as little as 3 weeks from kickoff. It clarifies the key questions needed to rationalize the order of execution against your portfolio of security technology projects: ■ How well does our current state conform to Zero Trust? ■ What capability gaps exist, and how should we prioritize their remediation? ■ What is the right scope for the multiple initiatives needed to achieve our Zero Trust end goal? ■ How should we prioritize and sequence the initiatives to most efficiently and effectively achieve the business benefits of Zero Trust?

Phase 1: Collaboration – Current State Analysis Conduct pre-analysis and collaborative work sessions to understand current maturity and capabilities through Zero Trust framework.

Phase 2: Validation – Validate Client Observation and Gaps Conduct a half day of working sessions to validate collaborative work session observations.

Phase 3: Recommendations – Launchpad Presentation Present prioritized Zero Trust initiatives and identify quick wins.

Deliverables: ■ Present rationalized portfolio ■ Present identified quick wins ■ Present recommended next steps to progress against in-progress initiatives ■ Discuss longer-term projects ■ Create associated timing and budget estimates

Products driven within Microsoft365 E5 Security: ■ Azure ■ Azure Active Directory ■ Azure Active Directory Multifactor Authentication ■ Azure Active Directory Conditional Access ■ Azure Active Directory Identity Protection ■ Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1 and 2 ■ Azure Active Directory Application Proxy ■ Azure Security ■ Azure Networking ■ Azure Security Center ■ Azure Purview ■ Microsoft Sentinel ■ Office 365 Data Loss Prevention ■ Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention ■ Microsoft Information Protection ■ Microsoft Endpoint Manager ■ Windows Hello for Business ■ Intune ■ Microsoft Defender ■ Microsoft Defender for Office 365 ■ Microsoft Defender for Endpoint ■ Microsoft Defender for Identity ■ Microsoft Defender for IoT ■ Microsoft Defender for Cloud ■ Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps ■ Secure Score ■ Compliance Manager

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