Manufacturing: 10-Day Proof of Concept

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Deploy 2 foundational Power BI Pilot Dashboards for manufacturers, covering performance areas such as: Production Efficiency; Employee Utilization; and Sales Activity.

This rapid Power BI pilot deployment is a low-risk, high-impact way to see your data at work, minimizing constraints and aligning production to demand. The fastest way to improve efficiency and profitability in manufacturing is to empower everyone with real-time visual analytics on performance.

We will incorporate your data into 2 foundational manufacturing dashboard templates, including up to 10 hours of customization to cater to your environment.

Using Power BI and your Excel/CSV files, we will deploy 2 KPI driven dashboards in just 10 days via web-conferencing.


Days 1-4

  • Create and review project plan: We’ll start by ensuring our engineering team is in sync with your expectations, captured in a detailed project plan.

  • Business requirements discovery: Our templates, although fundamental to virtually any manufacturer, have some latitude for further customization based on your unique needs.

  • Data discovery: We will review your data source(s) to ensure you have the necessary facts and dimensions, and will direct you on any additional data requirements for the pilot.

  • Data transfer: Based on our discovery and requirements, you’ll export your transactional data and send it to us via CSV/Excel.

  • Wireframes: Develop, review with client, and revise 2 wireframe (i.e., draft) dashboards (Production Efficiency; Employee Utilization; and Sales-Rep Scoreboard).

Days 5-10

  • Create dashboards: Based on wireframes, deliver 2 dashboards for your review.

  • Dashboard revision: Based on your feedback, we’ll revise the dashboards within the framework of the templates.

  • Dashboard delivery and training: Review final dashboards, train on optimal use, and answer any questions.


A Power BI Desktop file, published to your tenant, integrating a limited set of your data, providing 2 pilot dashboards based on templates: Production Efficiency; Employee Utilization; and Sales Rep Scoreboard.

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