3-Day Distribution Assessment — Business Central

Boyer & Associates

This three-day assessment will drill into your distribution processes and provide you with a key functional requirements document, process gap analysis and a personalized demo of Business Central.

Day 1

First, one of our expert consultants will tour your warehouse and conduct breakout sessions with key members of your staff to gain a better understanding of your day-to-day operations and requirements.

Day 2

Next, we will take a deep dive into your distribution operations to determine the best setup for Dynamics 365 Business Central. This step includes an analysis of your current processes to see where we can streamline operations and increase efficiency by aligning the software’s functionality to best meet your needs.

Day 3

Finally, we will provide you with an inside look at how Business Central would support your company's processes. This in-depth personalized demo will use a sampling of your company's data and walk through the entire process from sales quotes all the way to shipment and invoicing.


At the end of this three-day assessment, you will receive the following:

  1. Key Functional Requirements Document
  2. Process Gap Analysis
  3. Personalized Dynamics 365 Business Central demonstration

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