Teams / Microsoft 365 Governance: 6-Wk Impl

Centric Consulting, LLC

A definition and implementation of a strong, yet flexible Teams and SharePoint governance that technically enforces organizational policies and processes, using a third party product called Orchestry.

The Microsoft Teams/Microsoft 365 Governance engagement implements an effective governance program for the creation, usage, archival and management of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, and Microsoft 365 Groups. Other aspects of a holistic governance program for Microsoft 365 can be added such as Data Classification, Retention, Sensitivity Labels, eDiscovery and Data Loss Prevention as well, depending on the organization’s needs. Outcomes/Deliverables:

  • Governance Workshop and Plans: Conduct a thorough review of the organization’s Microsoft Teams configuration along with a deep-dive Governance Workshop to improve the security, compliance, and adoption of Microsoft Teams. Comprehensive review and documentation of governance for Teams and SharePoint Site provisioning; can include other areas, such as Data Classification, Sensitivity Labels, Retention, eDiscovery and Data Loss Prevention.
  • Workspace Directory: Installation and rollout of the Workspace Directory to provide complete visibility on all teams and SharePoint sites in a simple interface that helps manage and operate the organization’s teams and sites.
  • Installation: Installation and configuration of the Orchestry Application and made available to either the entire organization or a subset, depending on the organization’s desires.
  • Knowledge Base: Access to the Orchestry knowledge base for training materials and support to assist in configuring, managing, and operating the tools.
  • Training: Basic training for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online administrators on how to configure and update Orchestry templates, workspace directory configuration and general Orchestry usage. End user training materials for Workspace usage can also be provided.

The “estimated” cost will depend on the level of detail/topics to be covered in the Governance planning as well as the amount of training and training materials needed for the organization.

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