Real Data Power BI: 1-Wk Proof of Concept

Clouds On Mars

An engagement with data visualization experts to show the full value of what Microsoft Power BI can bring to your data and business.

This 1-week Proof of Concept delivers an end-to-end service starting from understanding your reporting goals, assessing and preparing data, designing and developing a stunning dashboard based on real data delivered by you, and assessing to what extent Power BI covers your business needs.

By the end of the project you will get a dynamic Power BI report and dashboard built on your data, which addresses a practical business story and has been developed with best practices for data visualization. It will enable your organization to understand what you get with Power BI.


Day 1

Focuses on understanding your business and reporting goals for this PoC, and what stories and insights the dashboard is intended to convey or allow to discover.

Day 2

Covers analysis of available data and preparation of data sources.

Day 3

Focuses on dashboard design for the particular business story.

Day 4

Covers the development of the dashboard and fine tuning.

Day 5

Covers the handover to the client, security settings, and advisory on future development.

Price is estimated for the basic scope of work, the adjustments can be negotiated individually.

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