Microsoft Teams Planning and Adoption: 3-day Workshop


Microsoft Teams Planning for Chat, Collaboration and Meetings. Topics include Envisioning with Business Leadership, Best Practices for Configuration, Security and Governance, planning for Adoption.

CompuNet's Microsoft Teams Planning and Adoption Workshop is a modular engagement to help define your business priorities and scenarios that drive hybrid work. The core of this engagement is designed to grow a deeper understanding of Microsoft Teams and the vision of how it can most effectively help drive your business priorities for hybrid work and collaboration.

This engagement showcases Microsoft Teams features and functionalities to help form decisions for the configuration of Microsoft Teams Chat and Collaboration modalities specific to your organization's needs.


  • Day 1: Teams Envisioning and Education. Planning for Future State
  • Day 2: Planning for Teams environmental configuration, governance and licensing
  • Day 3: Planning for Successful Teams Adoption

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