Microsoft 365 Business Voice: 10 Wk Implementation

CRM Dynamics Limited

Full Implementation of Microsoft 365 for Business Voice as an add on to Dynamics 365 solutions. Build Call centers for Customer Service.

With Microsoft 365 for Business Voice your organization can increase brand loyalty, provide agents with everything they need and adjust at the pace of innovation through actionable insights. CRM Dynamics is one of Canada's largest and most successful Microsoft Gold certified Dynamics 365 partners. We are the recipient of the Business Application Impact Award and are part of Microsoft’s Inner Circle.

For this Microsoft 365 Business Voice implementation, we follow a derivative of the Microsoft Sure Step implementation methodology with agile sprints.  We employ workshops to allow for definition of the Microsoft 365 for Business Voice solution during gap analysis and backlog creation. 

One of our key differentiators is a focus on Benefits Realization. It means we consider benefits management as an organizational change process. It is defined as "the process of organizing and managing, such that the potential benefits arising from the use of IT are actually realized". Without this focus, go live merely gives clients a new system. With a Benefits Realization approach, we ensure that there is a process and follow-up so that the planned benefits are realized by the organization.

Implementation Process Steps:

  • Discovery
  • High-Level Design
  • Detail Design
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Training
  • Deploy
  • Support

We estimate 10 weeks months for full implementation from Discovery to Deployment.

The complexity of the estimation is based on a total number of users, a number of business processes, automation, and integrations.

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