Extensions/Deployment (AX) : 5-Day Workshop

Dynamics Edge

*This instructor-led hands-on lab workshop will improve technical skills used in development for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 for Retail. Delivered at your site.*

This 5-day, instructor-led workshop trains personnel to implement the basic technical and development tasks required to customize Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or Retail. You will have full use of a Dynamics 365 for Operations lab environment. ### Agenda **Module 1: Life Cycle Services (LCS) Introduction** * Dynamics 365 cloud-based development environment, based on the Azure platform * Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) **Module 2: Customer Onboarding and Application Lifecycle Management** * Cloud deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition * System admin and deployment planning **Module 3: PowerApps and Microsoft Flow** * PowerApps and Microsoft Flow with Dynamics 365 **Module 4: Development Basics** * Modeling your data with Visual Studio * User interface development * X++ programming and advanced topics * Applying application updates **Module 5: Advanced Development** * Advanced database manipulation * Advanced class concepts * Number sequence development * Advanced security for developers * Workflow basic development * Workflow advanced development * Developing with application foundation features **Use and design of:** * General Ledger * Chart of Accounts * Budgeting and Fixed Asset Modules * Product Inventory Management * Inventory Management Module * Quality, Quarantine, and Forecasts * Accounts Payable Module * Accounts Receivable Module * Basic Sales and Purchasing features * Advanced Sales and Purchasing features * Form Letter Framework * Project Management and Accounting Module * Basic Production Control features * Advanced Production Control features **Module 6: Retail Development and Customization** * Introduction to Development in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail (lectures and examples of Retail Development) **Module 7: Course Review**
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