Securing Identities and Access: 3-day Workshop


The Securing Identities and Access Workshop is intended to help you cover the security landscape, obtain insights into your identity posture, and craft an improvement roadmap using Microsoft 365. 

Help customers find and mitigate identified risks and safeguard their organization with a seamless identity solution.

With the agile change in the landscape, businesses needed to switch gears to accommodate secure work. Because of this, the transition has made security a top priority while giving employees the freedom to access the right resources. Ensuring that the data is secured, whatever the process and where it is accessed.

ECF Data offers the Microsoft Secure Identities and Access Workshop is designed to help customers assess the maturity of their identity estates. By using Secure Score and application discovery tools, you can help your customers gain visibility into their current identity estates and work together with your customers to define clear next steps and the best ways to mitigate risks.

What can you expect from this agenda

-Customer identity security posture rating, including how customers compare to their industry peers

-Visibility into all apps used in their environments and how to enhance access and security

-Clear understanding of situations where identity might be compromised and remediation steps

-Actionable recommendations and next steps for improved migration and governance

The agenda of the workshop includes:

Day 1: The first day demonstrates the challenges and possibilities within the secure identity landscape based on Microsoft 365.

Day 2: We assess your as-is environment, understand your identity goals and objectives, evaluate your Identity security posture and gain insights into the application identity landscape.

Day 3: ECF guides you in drafting a roadmap with priorities and provides high-level deployment plans for the deployment of selected Identity and security mechanisms within Microsoft 365

Customer criteria:

-Targeted customers only

-Annual Azure consumption for Servers, SQL, and Storage must be over $150,000. (Annual Azure consumption = Most recent Azure consumption month x12)

-Azure Defender consumption is less than 4% of total Azure consumption

-Eligible for select customers between 300-999 seats

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