Power Platform Adoption Assessment - 3 Days Consulting

Invasystems, Inc.

Assess & produce Power Platform implementation & adoption plan

Microsoft Power Platform's low-code approach to delivering solutions has empowered numerous organizations worldwide to leverage technology for business transformation. By enabling a larger number of individuals to create applications and utilize mobile platforms and artificial intelligence, organizations can embrace new work methodologies. This transformation has become increasingly crucial in the present landscape. Technology is causing disruption across industries, with its adoption being a key differentiator for thriving businesses. Therefore, initiating the digital transformation journey incrementally but promptly is of utmost importance. Embracing versatile technology like Microsoft Power Platform represents a significant transition for any organization. Through our extensive research, we have identified consistent themes, patterns, practices, and behaviors that drive successful organizations during their comprehensive digital transformation using Power Platform. What will the session include: • Create an adoption plan to ensure a seamless and successful implementation process. • Explore the capabilities offered by Power Platform. • Use the “Power Platform adoption maturity model” to help identify organizations and their partners to think through how they can improve their capabilities and decide which one’s matter most. Ecosystem and Application Analysis

  1. Understand requirements: Gather comprehensive information about the organization’s needs, goals, and constraints.
  2. Assess existing systems and technologies: Evaluate the current setup to identify integration points and potential improvements.
  3. Conduct feasibility and risk analysis: Assess technical and financial viability, addressing potential challenges and uncertainties. Adoption maturity model and Power Platform capabilities
  4. Learn about consistent themes, patterns, practices, and behaviors that underpin the progress of successful organizations as they implement comprehensive digital transformation with Power Platform.
  5. Understand the goals and opportunities within each stage of the Power Platform adoption maturity model.
  6. Explore the Power Platform capabilities of Dataverse, Canvas and Model-driven apps development, and automation with Power Automate that can help you modernize and digitize the current platform. Adoption Best Practices
  7. Understand how to get started with your enterprise adoption of Microsoft Power Platform, and what roles and responsibilities might be involved
  8. Devise an adoption plan to ensure smooth and successful implementation.
  9. Define roles and responsibilities.

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