Kaizen Analytix: Insights Dashboard 4-Wk Implement

Kaizen Analytix LLC

Unlock meaningful, actionable insights to achieve business objectives for just about any use case, industry, budget, or level of analytics sophistication

Get fully integrated, insight-driven views of your data within weeks via KaizenInsights Dashboards which provide powerful, insightful dashboard and reports that: • Have meaningful visualizations • Ability to integrate with your existing systems • Are fully automated, always updated, and accessible in real-time on most visualization tools (Power Bi, Tableau, etc.)

We work directly with your team connect to applicable data sources and can configure the dashboards to support a variety of business use cases: • Finance • Marketing • Operations • Customer Engagement • HR • Procurement • Legal • And more!

We can easily integrate all of your data securely with Azure services, Do the required processing, build workflows using data factory and build corresponding visualizations. Azure Service Catelog: • Azure Data Factory • Azure Blob Storage • Azure Databricks • Azure Synapse Analytics

Benefits: • Faster, more informed decisions enabled by insights accessible on demand • Time savings through automation of manual processes • Create new value by freeing up your team to focus on higher-priority activities • Easy to use and convey summary metrics to key stakeholders and executive leadership • Consistent status reports on a flexible schedule with current data • Consolidate data sources into one view to see the full story

Price: After finishing the initial setup, Recurring Price is estimated based on common agreements with existing Clients. Fees are driven by the number of data sources and the quantity of dashboard visuals. Subscription agreements normally range from $3,000 to $5,000 per month with discounts for multi-year agreements.

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