Power BI Builder Training: 18 hours Basic Training

KI group GmbH

Our Power BI Builder Training provides participants with fundamental skills to efficiently model and visualize data, as well as utilize Power BI reporting and collaboration options.

The Power BI Builder Training is intended as an introduction course for those who wish to learn the basics of Power BI in order to efficiently model and visualize data from diverse sources. Participants will finish the session with a thorough understanding of Power BI reporting choices and general data expertise after it covers a wide variety of subjects.

During the course, participants gain up skills for connecting homogenous data sources, using filtering procedures, as well as working with dimensions, connections, and hierarchies in data modeling. Building Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) inside Power BI reporting and integrating them into visualizations and dashboards are other topics that are particularly highlighted throughout the training.

Participants also receive instruction on using mobile data alerts and reports, as well as safe sharing and utilization of reports and dashboards. Another important topic addressed in the class is collaboration with Power BI Service or the extension with Power Apps and Power Automate.

Presentations, live demonstrations, and practical exercises utilizing relevant data make up the course framework. This guarantees that participants implement the topics they acquired throughout the program and receive first practical experience.

The training is divided into five distinct topic sessions, each focusing on essential aspects of Power BI and Business Intelligence:

Session 1: Introduction to Power BI & Business Intelligence Fundamentals

Session 2: Consulting and Transforming Data using Power BI

Session 3: Fundamentals of Data Modeling

Session 4: Data Visualizations with Power BI

Session 5: Power BI Service and Collaboration Options

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