Viva Insights Quickstart: 5 Week Implementation

KiZAN Technologies

Learn how to configure and deploy Viva Insights.

KiZAN’s Viva Insights Quickstart will enable you to configure and deploy Viva Insights, gain insights from your organizational data, and execute necessary plans to transform your collaborative effectiveness.

KiZAN understands that your success depends on your ability to track business outcomes, but tracking and measuring the activities that drive those outcomes can be difficult. Viva Insights uses your Microsoft 365 data points, including organizational meetings, Teams calls, and messaging activities, to reveal insights that can contribute to the attainment of desired business outcomes.

By harnessing the power of Viva Insights, KiZAN can help your organization identify and transition away from collaborative inefficiencies, enable managers and leadership to be optimally effective, drive revenue through sales productivity improvement, and ultimately engage your employees in ways that lead to success.

Quickstart Activities


A collaboration architect will guide your organization and align your collaborative efforts with the business outcomes you are pursuing. Quickstart includes:

  • Viva Insights 101
  • Understanding Your Data and Configuring WpA for your Organization
  • Analyzing Your Data and Generating Insights
  • Turning Your Insights into Transformational Plans

Quickstart Outcomes The Quickstart engagement will culminate with your organization having the knowledge necessary to successfully deploy and utilize Viva Insights, align your collaborative efforts with desired business outcomes, and help transform your organization.

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