CloudCompass Managed Service: 4 Wk

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CloudCompass Membership Program (Info Governance, Compliance & eDiscovery Managed Service) A membership program designed to keep you ahead of change in the dynamic cloud computing landscape.

CloudCompass is an annual subscription that helps Legal and Compliance teams with ongoing governance for their Microsoft 365-centric eDiscovery and Information Governance programs. Every year thousands of updates are released, but only a small fraction will impact legal and compliance programs. Sorting through these updates to find relevant items and then testing them with subject matter experts in both tech and legal is not practical for most companies. However, the risk of not doing so can be significant.

CloudCompass provides an alternative solution helping limit risk, ensure optimal workflows, and supporting ongoing maturation of programs and software use.

Key use cases include:

  1. Program Maturation & Upskilling– Use CloudCompass and the information provided as a way to guide internal team’s learning and growth based on real-world information related to the capabilities and functionality of Advanced eDiscovery.
  2. Proof of Due Diligence– A CloudCompass subscription demonstrates reasonable effort to maintain compliant processes and workflows in the case of regulatory scrutiny, audit, or ediscovery failure related to deficiency for software-related causes. 

  3. Maintenance & Quality Control– Use CloudCompass to drive regular maintenance cadence / review of key workflow and automation – prevents “set it and forget it” mentality related to workflows within Microsoft 365 with ediscovery impact. 

  4. Access to Experts– The additional hours that come as part of CloudCompass subscription provide companies the ability to access as-needed, customized support related to M365 that is flexible, and purpose can be determined as need arises.

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