Power BI Performance Optimization: 1-Week Workshop

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Drive digital culture at your organization with fast, reliable Power BI reports

Did you implement Power BI hoping to leverage the platform’s easy-to-use interface and reliable performance? Are you stuck with slow reports, low adoption, and frustrated users? Power BI performance can make or break a business’ data-driven culture. High-performing reports enable business users to make data-based decisions that benefit your business in the long term. Low-performing reports discourage users from even using BI solutions. During our workshop, we’ll help you optimize your Power BI, reducing the load time of your reports by up to 70%*. We will assess the back end of your Power BI implementation and identify key areas where you can improve performance, including your reports, data ecosystem, data architecture, and data models. We will help you develop a roadmap to improve the performance of your reports and dashboards.

Target Audience

  • Architects
  • Program managers


  • A list of performance recommendations for your reports, architecture, and infrastructure
  • Faster reports (up to 70% improvement*)

Agenda Day 1: Evaluation

  • Evaluate your data ecosystem’s high-level architecture
  • Understand refresh frequency and data latency needs
  • Understand key reports and granularity of data in the system

Day 2: Pain Point Discussion

  • Identify pain points within data ecosystem
  • Evaluate infrastructure optimizations

Day 3 and 4: Model and Report Deep Dive

  • Evaluate key models and report design
  • Validate model and reports against best practices
  • List model and report changes for performance benefits

Day 5: Knowledge Transfer

  • Summarize, implement, and share all best practices
  • Share evaluation documents
  • Share immediate and long-term fixes

Note: Depending on the complexity of the system, we might collaborate with business analysts, business leaders, BI/DW report creators, and database administrators within your organization *Report performance is dependent on data volume and design choices

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