Power BI Adoption: 1-Day Assessment

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Thinking about migrating to Power BI but not sure where to start? Let us help you develop a strategy roadmap to migrate your system to Power BI.

Sign on for our one-day Power BI engagement where we will help you develop a long-term strategy to migrate your reporting framework to Power BI.

As the Microsoft Power BI Partner of the Year 2021, we are recognized for our expertise in implementing business intelligence and analytics solutions. We will review the current state of your organization’s reporting ecosystem to develop a clear understanding of the reporting needs. Your Power BI roadmap will be tailored to your organization’s needs and budget.

Target Customers

  • Power BI sponsors
  • IT admins
  • Report developers


Before the assessment:

Collaborate with business analysts, business leaders, BI report creators, and database administrators within your organization to identify data needs

During the assessment:

  • Evaluate your data ecosystem’s high-level architecture
  • Evaluate your existing reporting ecosystem
  • Identify and outline the benefits of moving to Power BI
  • Identify quick-win opportunities
  • Formulate a long-term strategic roadmap


We will conduct the assessment via Microsoft Teams or conference call, unless an in-person meeting is feasible.


By the end of the engagement, you will have:

  • An action plan to move your current reporting framework to Power BI
  • A roadmap with clear, actionable steps
  • A cost estimate for your Power BI migration


Receive a clear roadmap for migration to Power BI


  • Identify the data needs for the organization
  • Clear understanding of the reports to be created

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